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Cleara Bella is an anti-aging retinol cream that helps smooth the appearance of expression lines, lighten skin tone and improve complexion, provides antioxidant benefits, moisturizes and hydrates skin.

Cleara Bella Harnesses the power of a few world-renowned natural ingredients that have been proven to decrease wrinkles and help reverse the skins’ aging effects. These ingredients include some of the purist forms of Sea Kelp, Citrustem™ and Willow Bark is known to man!

These 3 perfectly blended ingredients are enough to make Cleara Bella the top skin product in the U.S., but our team didn’t stop there. We dug deeper and uncovered a substance that is being called the “Botox Killer” by experts around the world.

This game-changing ingredient is a substance called Syn®-Ake and it is currently the world’s most sought-after ingredient for replacing Botox because of its unique ability to instantly lift, tighten and relax your skin!

My pores have visibly tightened, my skin not only looks good but it feels smoother than ever! I used to be embarrassed, but now I am having fun with my girlfriends and of course showing my new skin off to the guys!

~Louise Dickenson, California



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